IT Governance

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šimková, Hana (2008)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: IT governance; ITIL; vyzrálost IT procesů; benefits and difficulties of IT governance; přínosy a úskalí IT governance; IT process maturity; Cobit; legislative instruments; legislativní nástroje

IT governance (control of information technology) is a frequently discussed topic today which represents current needs to take control of IT, judge impacts of all resolutions and lead up investments running to the information technology. It is very important for both small and large organizations to have IT which encourages business strategy and helps to meet objectives of a company. The theoretical part of this paper is focused on characterization of the main areas, benefits, rules and various definitions of IT governance. Then the paper deals with legislative instruments and main frameworks of the IT governance. Reasons for the implementation and difficulties that IT governance brings are also defined there. The second part of this paper, which is practically oriented, deals with evaluation and analysis of the current situation in the organization named Unicorn. This part focuses in particular on the maturity assessment of selected IT processes according to Cobit methodology.
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