Analýza public relations na FRRMS

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Rišková, Zuzana (2014)
  • Subject: public relations; veřejnost; Mendelova univerzita v Brně; komunikace; Fakulta regionálního rozvoje a mezinárodních studií

RIŠKOVÁ, Z. Analysis public relations of the FRRMS. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2014. The bachelor thesis deals with public relations activities of the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies (FRRMS) Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU). The aim of the thesis is to analyze public relations activities, what relations has FRRMS with the public. In the theoretical part is defined the meaning of the public relations, goals, starting points, tools and forms of public relations and the concepts associated with PR. The practical part contains the characteristic of university and faculty and their current situation in the promotion. In the end of the practical part is through the questionnaire survey analyze the knowledge of a wider audience about FRRMS. It is described how the public rate communication of the faculty and suggestions for get propagation more effective.
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