Raná tvorba architekta Otakara Novotného

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Zahrádková, Nikola (2014)
  • Subject: rodinné domy; Czech modern architecture; Sokol houses; Štencův dům; Architecture of Modern style; česká moderní architektura; Štenc building; architektura geometrické moderny; Otakar Novotný; sokolovny; family villas

Klíčová slova (anglicky): Otakar Novotný, Czech modern architecture, Architecture of Modern style, family villas, Štenc building, Sokol houses Abstract (in English): This bachelor's thesis focuses on the Czech architect Otakar Novotný and his early working period begins with studies in the studio of the leading figure of the rising Czech modern architecture Jan Kotěra and ends with the last projects before the First World War. Generally speaking, it is period between years 1900 and 1914. In the first chapter, the rising individuality of becoming architect Otakar Novotný is presented in the cultural and historical context of early 20th century, emphasizing the Prague architectural development. Next chapter is aimed on his following studies and describes transformations in approach to teaching architecture on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague around 1900. The main part of the study is focused on the early architectural work of Otakar Novotný. It is done chronologically and by the order of building types. One certain chapter is aimed only on the residential and multi-functional House of Jan Štenc which has the unique position in architect's early period. The buildings are seen from both aesthetic and constructional point of view, the attention also given to the development of architect's...
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