Internet piracy

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Fiala, Jiří (2012)
  • Subject: Copyright Internet Piracy; Autorské právo Internet Pirátství

The main objective of this thesis is to describe the Internet piracy phenomenon and to define responsibility of individuals for copyright violations on the Internet from the view of valid Czech legislation. In order to prevent Internet piracy, countries are pushed to swiftly react on continuous development of new technologies used by pirates - these efforts of individual countries are described in several chapters of this thesis that are exploring the most significant court rulings. These rulings have or may eventually have impact on the legislation or approach to the piracy of other countries. This thesis consists of ten chapters. First chapter gives an introduction to the Internet piracy problem. It claims that copyright violation on the Internet might nowadays be the most common unlawful deed. Second chapter provides definitions of three terms which are later frequently used in the thesis. These terms are: work of authorship, Internet, Internet piracy. Third chapter explores copyright and its content (personal and economic rights of the author). Next chapter analyses the legal means of protection of the work of authorship. These means are provided by various areas of law (copyright law, administrative law, criminal law etc.). Fifth chapter explains functioning of peer-to-peer networks which are...
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