Treatment of imprisoned drug users

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Koňák, Tomáš (2015)
  • Subject: vězení; věznění uživatelé drog; treatment of drug users; zacházení s uživateli drog; prevalence of drug use in pison; problémové užívání drog; prevalence užívání drog ve vězení; problem drug use; prison; imprisoned drug users
    mesheuropmc: population characteristics | mental disorders

The main goal of the theoretical part of submitted theses is to describe the field of specialized treatment of imprisoned drug users. The author's emphasis is to put the specialized treatment to a broader frame of the Risk-needs theory as well as to the frame of physical diseases and mental disorders that are often associated with addiction or drug abuse. Different kinds of specialized interventions that are usually used for treatment of imprisoned drug users in different countries are described. There is although demonstrated in which way these interventions are implemented in Czech prison system. By these interventions are especially meant treatment on the entry at the prison, detoxification, counselling and other programs and interventions with low intensity. Especial emphasis is put on residential prison programmes such as prison therapeutic communities for drug users and on opioid substitution treatment. A great number of pages are dedicated to the research of effectivity of treatment programmes. In the practical part of submitted theses results of cross-sectional study that was implemented in all Czech prisons in three waves in 2010, 2012 and 2014 are presented. Representative samples of Czech prisoners were chosen for the purpose of this cross-sectional study. These prisoners were asked to...
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