Vlivy jaderné energetiky na životní prostředí

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Malkova, Kristina (2013)

Title: Environmental impacts of nuclear energy Author: Malkova Kristina Supervisor: Ing. Luboš Matějíček, Dr., Ústav pro životní prostředí Přírodovědecké fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, Benátská 2, 128 01 Praha 2 Supervisor's e-mail adress: lmatejic@natur.cuni.cz Abstract: The thesis is focused on study the impact of nuclear energy on the environment regard to non - renewable and renewable energy sources. The work includes evaluation of the entire fuel cycle of the use of various technologies. It includes trends in resource using of nuclear energy with respect to emergency events from a global perspective. Increased attention is also paid to the media impacts nuclear power plant accidents with effects on the environment. Keywords: nuclear energy, energy mix, technology, Chernobyl, Fukushima, nuclear waste
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