Umírání a smrt v pojetí Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
  • Subject: pomoc druhým; patientś family; rodina nemocného; communication; critics.; intellection; láska; patients´ response; exitus; self murders; biography; kritici.; dying; sebevraždy; smysl práce Elisabeth Kübler-Ross; komunikace; umírání; bailout; attachment; terminální onemocnění; reakce pacientů; sense of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross´ work; fellow travellers; biografie; terminal affection; Elisabeth Kübler-Ross; old age; sympatizanti; smrt; porozumění; stáří

This work is focused on dying and exitus in understanding of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. How did this unique woman feel the end of life, what was the sense and the main contens of her life. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross gave most of her life to help incurables people, their families... View more
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