Implementace marketingového mixu Prague City Golf Club

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Čmakal, Tomáš (2012)
  • Subject: marketingový mix; marketingová strategie; positional analysis; Marketing; marketing služeb; marketing strategy; marketing of services; situační analýza; marketing mix

Title: Marketing mix implementation of Prague City Golf Club Objective: Analysis of marketing mix of the golf resort Prague City Golf Club and addresses proposals for its further improvement Methods: PEST analysis SWOT analysis Porter five forces analysis In-depth interview Results: The results of assessment of the marketing mix instruments of the Prague City Golf Club have shown that it is a high-quality golf resort with elaborate and numerous components of the marketing mix. In terms of competition, the club holds a favourable position, which will probably even improve in future. Nevertheless, I have also tried to propose few measures which might lead to the improvement and increase the efficiency of the club. Among the recommendations belong new packages of services, wider offer of services such as winter working, night golf or wellness, communicating with employees, the improvement of process of provision of services, public relations or training of staff and promotion in general. Proposals have focused on the need to reduce prices, together with the introduction of low-cost's membership. The priority should be to remedy the shortcomings of the course itself, but also to find a partner who would finance the reconstruction of the parking lot and support marketing activities. Key words:...
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