Brain-Computer Interface Epoc Emotiv a potenciál jeho komerčního využití

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Vencelides, David (2012)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: EPOC Emotiv; EEG; BCI

This work is focused on Brain Computer Interface. Specifically, the device EPOC Emotiv. The first part focuses on the introduction to the topic Brain Computer Interface. Definition of terms, a brief history and ways to measure brain activity. The second part deals with specific BCI products that are available on the consumer market open for sale at a price accessible to the ordinary customer. The third part focuses on the specific BCI product EPOC Emotiv In this part the device is introduced and is being examined. This work deals with what are the device capabilities and limitations. Attention is also given to applications that use it. And at the end there is some theoretical proposal for meditation application in which could be EPOC Emotiv further use.
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