International migration and the gender

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Koropecká, Markéta (2010)
  • Subject:
    mesheuropmc: education

My bachelor thesis explores the connection between international migration and gender. Gender, defined as a social, not a biological term, has a huge impact on the migration process. Statistics and expert studies that have been gender sensitive since 1970s demonstrate that women form half of the amount of the international migrants depending on the world region and representing a wide range of the kinds of international migration: family formation and reunification, labour migration, illegal and forced migration. Women and children represent the most threatened group of migrants; in various phases of their migration they often face discrimination, and emotional and physical abuse. To give a solution to these problems it is necessary for the STUDIES to pay more attention to the specific needs of both genders and the problems they both have to face. It is then possible to adjust the politics of migration and the activity of various non-governmental organizations which deal with the migrants more efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the studies of the connection between migration and gender further, and fill in gaps in gender sensitive studies. Key words: gender, gender-sensitive research, women, international migrantion
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