Ethical Perspectives on Advertising

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
SOJKOVÁ, Eva (2008)
  • Subject: etická regulace reklamy; ethical regulation of advertising; reklama; sexismus v reklamě; sexism in advertising; reklamní manipulace; sociální reklama; unethical practice of advertising; advertising; neetická reklamní praxe; social advertising; manipulation in advertising

In my paper I examine the practice of advertising from ethical perspective. The paper informs about the ethical regulation of advertising practice in Czech Republic and highlights its interconnection with legislative regulation. It also introduces the work of the Committee for advertising {--} the first organization for auto-regulation of advertising in Eastern Europe {--} whose goal is to ensure honest, legal, decent, truthful practice of advertising in Czech Republic. In the main part of my paper, I try to highlight the unethical practices in advertising. I explain the term `manipulation{\crq} and show how it is used in advertising. Special attention is given to the manipulation of children and youth. Another important issue has to do with abusing of women in advertising and with related sexism which, in many cases, disregards the dignity of women. Finally, social advertising is also a topic of my paper inasmuch as it is often ethically questionable.
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