publication . Bachelor thesis . 2016

Physiology and functional anatomy of nectarivorous birds

Sejfová, Zuzana;
Restricted Czech
  • Published: 01 Jan 2016
  • Country: Czech Republic
Hummingbirds, sunbirds and a large part of honeyeaters belong to the most specialized nectarivores. During the evolution they have developed a number of adaptations in reaction to the specificity of their diet. The amount of studies focused on the adaptations connected with the digestion of nectar is not big, but is still growing. One of the characteristics of these birds is very fast and effective transport of consumed sugars across the intestinal epithelium. Furthermore they are tolerant to a very low nitrogen intake and extremely high daily intake of water. Sunbirds and honeyeaters are able to modulate the rate of water absorption in the intestine, but hummin...
Medical Subject Headings: animal structures
free text keywords: kolibříci; hummingbirds; hovering flight; třepotání; trávení; strdimilové; nectarivory; honeyeaters; physiology; nektarivorie; osmoregulace; adaptation; fyziologie; digestion; osmoregulation; sunbirds; vířivý let; adaptace; kystráčci
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