Effect of hyperbaric environment on fine motor skills

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Les, Martin (2017)
  • Subject: depth intoxication; hyperbarické prostředí; hyperbarická komora; hyperbaric chambers; fine motor skills; hloubkové opojení; diving; hyperbaric environment; potápění; jemná motorika
    mesheuropmc: education

Title: Effect of hyperbaric environment on fine motor skills Objectives: The aim of study is to assess the changes fine motor skills due to hyperbaric environment in preparation for selected tests of fine motor skills. Methods: The first method was used empirically - research. Then the method chosen of compilation of the information obtained. The basic method to work was the experimental measurement method specially constructed tests on fine motor skills. All measured values were statistically processed as follows. Results: The results were formulated as a percentage, graphs and tables. Recording was carried out by recording the time data. Their percentage of the overall approach to the exercise time mastering fine motor skills in different environments. All results obtained were processed and evaluated. Keywords: depth intoxication, fine motor skills, hyperbaric environment, hyperbaric chambers, diving
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