Marketing ICT firem

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Studnička, Tomáš (2008)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: Internet portal; Internetové portály; TOP 100 Computerworld(2008); ICT

This work focuses on the Czech ICT market which is very varied. First of all, it should be mentioned that under the conception of ICT companies we understand companies providing hardware, maintaining and managing networks and databases,and also companies forming simpler or sophisticared software programs. The work describes the ten most successful companies, according to the polls Top 100 ICT companies in the Czech Republic 2008. The list of the Top 100 is annualy prepared by Computerworld magazine. My bachelor work describes the profile of these companies and their products and services. Furthermore, it deals with Internet which is one of the most developed ICT sectors. To provide better specification about my idia I chose two companies that are operating on Internetc, on the Czech market web portals. In conclusion, please see the assessment of ICT market and also the anticipated trends for the future development.
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