Situational Leadership

Bachelor thesis Slovak RESTRICTED
Süttö, Marián (2016)
  • Subject: LEAD dotazník; správanie zamerané na vzťah; Readiness of the Followers; účinnosť leadershipu; úroveň pripravenosti nasledovníkov; Task Behavior; Relationship Behavior; leadership; LEAD Instrument; Leadership; správanie zamerané na úlohu; situačný leadership; Situational Leadership; Leadership Effectiveness
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This thesis is focused on field of leadership, particularly situational leadership model by Hersey and Blanchard. Thesis is mostly theoretical framework aimed to offer the possibility for reader to get overview in leadership issues. Theoretical framework of the thesis is focused on leadership definition, the most important leadership theories in the past, and especially to situational leadership approach. The focus of this thesis is to get detailed insight in this model and therefore offer information, that are not well- known in our environment. Empirical project proposal is aimed to research leadership styles of people in leadership positions in organizations. Research proposal is implemented by LEAD questionnaire, that is created by authors of situational leadership model. The purpose of research is measurement and assessment of leaders' leadership. Keywords Leadership, Situational Leadership, Leadership Effectiveness, Readiness of the Followers, Task Behavior, Relationship Behavior, LEAD Instrument
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