Factors affecting uptake and distribution of uranium in plants.

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Krejčová, Daniela;
  • Subject: fyziologické odezvy na působení uranu; antioxidační enzymy; oxidativní stres; uranium; uptake and translocation of uranium by plants; phytoremediation; akumulace uranu; physiological response to the action of uranium; oxidative stress; fytoremediace; rostliny; příjem a translokace uranu; uran; Uran accumulation; antioxidative enzymes
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | complex mixtures | inorganic chemicals | technology, industry, and agriculture

Uranium is a radionuclide, which naturally occurs in Earth's soil in rather an insignificant amount. It is not very dangerous in such small concentration; however, this concentration is rising due to anthropogenic activity, therefore an estimation of its increase is at ... View more
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