Firemní kultura - teorie a praxe

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Kvapilová, Barbora (2009)

My bachelor's thesis is about company culture. It consists of two parts - recent findings in the theory field and a probe into a real company culture. Company culture is a very individual matter and its diagnosis is very difficult. If the company culture is correctly set up it can help the companty to achieve greater efficiency, shorter adaptation process for new employees, prevent unwanted fluctuation and at the same time it can influence important areas such as employee engagement, motivation or employee education. It is important to note that what worked in one company may not guarantee success in another company. In the introduction part of the thesis I explain the definition of the concept of culture with different levels of culture and its variety. The next section focuses directly on company culture. I explain the differences between conceptions of organisational and company culture, I point out the variety of company culture and the particular elements of it. Further on in the thesis I explain the different types of company culture and I talk about approaches to setting up a culture in a company environment.. The second part of my thesis is a probe into a real company culture. I use the example of a news editor's office on a private regional radio station. Company culture can be a significant tool...
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