Women Status and their Discrimination

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
PEŠKOVÁ, Pavlína (2008)
  • Subject: women and men equal chances; segregace trhu práce; job segregation; gender; gender stereotypes; harmonization of family and career; rovné příležitosti žen a mužů; genderové stereotypy; harmonizace rodiny a zaměstnání; diskriminace; discrimination
    mesheuropmc: humanities | health care economics and organizations

My work deal with women status and their discrimination. Chapter one contains women status in different historical periods and development of their status to bigger equal with men. There is also written about present feminist trends. Chapter two is about women discrimination. There is about women´ job discrimination, job segregation according to gender and inequality in payment. There is also written about women status at home and unequal duties at home among family mates. Chapter three is about equal chances of men and women, their legal arrangement and different possibilities of their uses. In the third chapter, there is also written how to resist as victim of job discrimination. You can also read about possibilities of troubleshooting of unequal men and women status according to gender stereotypes in upbringing, especially better family and job harmonization whereby different steps from employers as well from state.
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