Nástroje marketingového mixu ve firmě Fox interier

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
VÍTOVCOVÁ, Veronika (2010)
  • Subject: marketingový mix; product; produkt; price; marketing communication; promotion; cena; marketingová komunikace; distribuce; marketing mix

The theme of my bachelor´s work is named "Tools of Marketing Mix in the Firm Fox interier". Selected firm is concerned with sale of wood. The aim of this bachelor work is to describe precisely tools of marketing used in the firm Fox interier´s branch office Kozolupy. Then pursuant to realized data recommend change or expansion of marketing tools which are currently used by the firm to from literature. In the first part of my work is processed literature review, which introduces the basic theories of marketing and its various instruments in the form of "4P". Marketing mix consists of product, price, distribution and marketing communication. The other part is the description of the company and its marketing mix instruments, which includes product descriptions, pricing method, analysis of distribution and marketing communication.
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