Concept of accounting high-school course book for the specialization "Public Administration"

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Baranová, Petra (2015)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: návrh učebnice; public sector; course book; Public administration; středoškolská učebnice; Veřejnosprávní činnost; účetnictví státní správy a samosprávy; ideální učebnice účetnictví; accounting, textbook; a proposal of high-school course book
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

This thesis deals with a proposal of high-school course book for the specialization "Public Administration". The aim of the thesis is to offer the textbook of accounting for public sector which covers the needs of both teachers and students. For this purpose, the survey was performed firstly. The respective survey showed that no suitable textbook had been available on the market. The teachers usually use the course book of P. Štohl. Both students and teachers agree on the requirements for this type of textbook. One of them is a lot of practical examples for practicing, then clear arrangement, simplicity and colourfulness. Further to the requirements stated above, I tried to compile such a textbook. The text is divided into chapters according to the accounting classes order. In each chapter, brief summary of the related theory and solved examples are included. Then, additional examples for practicing are available after the end of chapter; their results can be found at the end of the textbook.
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