Marketigové aktivity českých kin a multikin se zaměřením na kino Světozor

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Masná, Zuzana (2010)

The bachelor thesis "Marketing activities of Czech cinemas and multiplexes focused on the cinema Svetozor" describes different methods of marketing applied by both these types of cinemas. The thesis primarily focuses on the alternative cinemas. The different types of cinemas imply that also the character of their marketing activitites will differ. By marketing activities the author means mainly promotion activities of Czech classical cinemas; these are explicated for both Svetozor cinema and other art cinemas. As for multicinemas, this work concentrates on different types of cinema advertising which different multicinemas enable to various companies. There are marketing strategies based on a SWOT analysis proposed for both types of the cinemas and multicinemas and for Svetozor in particular. This work suggests that to be able to stand up to relatively new competition of multicinemas, the classical cinemas need to change their marketing strategies. Focus should be given to the importance of brand and establishing own corporate identity. These questions will also be analysed for the marketing communication of Svetozor cinema in years 2004 - 2009. In this work an analysis on the basis of description and marketing strategies evaluation of specific cinemas is used as the main method. The work is based on...
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