Talent management in context of educational management

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Zápotocká, Monika (2016)
  • Subject: plánování následnictví; educational management; giftedness; talent; nadání; řízení kariéry; talent management; human resource development; career management; rozvoj lidských zdrojů; succession planning; management vzdělávání

The diploma thesis looks into talent management in context of educational management with the application of professional literature analysis. It describes talent acquisition, human resource development, career management and succession planning and points out the connection between these and other human resource processes and talent management. It specifies the approach of personality psychology, industrial organizational psychology, vocational psychology, positive psychology, social psychology, educational psychology and management to the meaning of the talent. It defines talent management strategy, including a guideline on how to create one. It compares every approach to the talent amongst each other and summarizes the main difference. It presents research results on talent management application within organizations, which brings the attention to a low rate of application of this process and its complete absence within the educational institutions in the Czech Republic. It describes talent management best business practice in the educational sector abroad. It reaches the aim of the thesis, when it proposes a talent management concept in context of educational management and its implementation into educational organizations' practice in the Czech Republic. KEYWORDS career management, educational...
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