Diagnosis of laterality in the school environment

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šnajdrová, Veronika;
  • Subject: dysfázie; laterality; stupně laterality; laterality species; lateralita; dysgraphia; genotyp; laterality types; dyslexie; dyslexia; druhy laterality; anamnesis; Dextrity Quotient; genotype; fenotyp; phenotype; typy laterality; dominance mozkových hemisfér; dyscalculia; dyskalkulie; zkouška laterality; anamnéza; dysphasia; laterality levels; dysgrafie; laterality tests; dominance of the brain hemispheres
    mesheuropmc: education

This bachelor thesis contains theoretical principals of expressions of the dominance of the brain hemispheres - laterality. It solves the development of laterality, its genotype and phenotype, levels, laterality types and species, refers to the educational consequences ... View more
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