Craft's brand equity in CZ, focusing on canoeing

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šťastný, Šimon (2013)
  • Subject: rychlostní kanoistika; flat water canoeing; brand equity; Brand; hodnota značky; Značka; Craft; marketing research; marketingový výzkum
    acm: ComputerApplications_GENERAL

Title: Craft's brand equity in CZ, focusing on flat water canoeing. Objectives: The objective of this dissertation is to find out what is the Craft's brand equity and to suggest how to improve it on the Czech market. That would be based on marketing research and supplementary interview. I will be using marketing research and supplementary interview. Methods: In this dissertation the method of electronic questioning was used. The questionnaires were sent by email address after first contact on Facebook. Facebook was also used for concretization of questions. The basic research sample was chosen from sporting population in Czech Republic and selective sample was limited by my Facebook contacts. The research was enriched by interviews. These interviews were made with experts and athletes from flat water canoeing. Results: The results of marketing research on the Craft's brand equity have shown that Craft has got quality and functional product, but the brand looses position on the market of functional sport clothing. The main issue is lack of associations with this brand. Moreover the research has shown that general awareness of marketing strategy is inadequate. Due to rapidly growing competition Craft is losing his its position on the market. I have also tried to propose some measures how to improve...
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