Kierkegaardovo pojetí existence

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Janatová, Kristýna (2016)
  • Subject: bytí; svoboda; individuality; anxiety; love; death; subjektivita; being; freedom; jednotlivec; úzkost; víra; religion; despair; láska; subjectivity; Existence; smrt; zoufalství

The topic of the bachelor thesis is "Kierkegaard's conception of existence". There are both the life of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and his philosophy discussed. The issue of human existence is analysed with its main three stages which are focused on aesthetics, ethics and religion. These stages of existence are at first described and afterwards compared with each other. The aesthetic represents the first stage of life and the religious stage is considered to be the highest aim of existence. The thesis deals with despair and anxiety with respect to being of human existence. Kierkegaard's philosophy is necessary to understand as to indirect advice appealing to our own existence. The thesis also refers to Kierkegaard's irreplaceable influence on existentialism. Key words: Existence, individuality, being, religion, freedom, subjectivity, anxiety, despair, love, death
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