Media education and media influence on youth

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
LILÁK, Karel (2011)
  • Subject: television; medias; televize; PC; internet; mediální výchova; medial education; média
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

Bachelor´s work is focused on the questions of the medial education and the medias themselves. This work also investigate with the influence of the action of medias to the students of apprenticeship. The first part of the theoretical work has generally explains what is media education, what is its significance for society and for the benefit of education in school. They are given functions, types and objectives of media education and communications capabilities via the media. The second part of the theoretical work deals with the basic psychology of youth aged 17 to 20 years, describes the psychological and intellectual development of the group's personality traits and social relationships. The third part of the theoretical work deals with the media themselves, their division and thus how they affect youth. It focuses on the influence of the Internet, television, computers and computer games. The practical part of the paper presents results of a questionnaire, which was presented to college students, automotive and technical Secondary Technical School in the Czech Budejovice. The questionnaire was to determine how the choice of media (television, computer, internet, social networking, books and printing) for youth work, instead they occupy in their lives, to what extent they are used and preferred.
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