Alcohol Advertising

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Trkovská, Jana (2017)
  • Subject: The Czech Advertising Standards Council; self-regulation; reklama; samoregulace; legal regulativ; zákonná regulace; rozhodnutí; advertising; decisions; alkohol; Rada pro reklamu; alcohol
    mesheuropmc: humanities

The thesis concerns itself with alcohol advertising. Alcohol is the most widespread habit-forming substance, yet its consumption is permitted in most countries all around the world, possibly restricted by the age of consumers only. Drinking alcohol cannot be either regulated or prohibited today. It has become commonplace for the majority of our lives. Being aware of its apparent risks, however, there is an effort to regulate at least alcohol advertising. The main objective of this work was to provide a comprehensive picture of alcohol advertising, with the focus on its regulation, concerning the legal regulation as well as the self-regulation. First, the thesis deals with advertising as such, its regulation in the course of time and how it has been regulated recently. The thesis further describes the adjustment of alcohol advertising, the legal amendment and its development, as well as the regulation through The Czech Advertising Standards Council and the development of this self- regulation. The next chapter focuses on the examination of alcohol advertising over the age. Based on the analysis of the advertising involvement of Pilsner Urquell, as the selected alcohol industry representative, it was found that advertising during the 20th century did not consider its legal, since it was very limited...
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