The employee motivation and benefits

Bachelor thesis English RESTRICTED
Fuhrmannová, Petra (2013)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: motivation; pracovní motivace; feedback; evaluation interview; zpětná vazba; hodnocení zaměstnanců; employee satisfaction; motivation theory; spokojenost; benefity ve mzdovém systému; teorie motivace; working performance; employee motivation; motivace; výhody; advantages; employee evaluation; odměna; payment; hodnotící pohovor; výkonnost; benefit in payroll system; benefity; benefit

The aim of this bachelor's study is to describe and analyze the employee motivation and benefits in the payroll system and human recources field. Theoretical part attends to general terms as the employee motivation, the theory of the motivation,the types of the employee benefits, the influence of benefits to the employee's working performance. The practial part focuses on Elanor company, includes introduction of the company, it's history and the present, the offer of the employee benefits. Next part attends to the results of questionaire survey, the analysis of the results. In last part of this bachelor's study there are written the suggestions for the company.
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