Život bez Facebooku: Experimentální studie neužívání sociální sítě Facebook

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Kořánková, Olga (2017)
  • Subject: qualitative research; nová média; online sociální sítě; social network; sociální síť; Experiment; Facebook; new media; kvalitativní výzkum; social networking sites

The diploma thesis Life without Facebook: Experimental study of non-using the social networking site Facebook focuses on non-usage of social networking sites and reflection of the disconnection from it. It aims to map functions that Facebook performs in indiviual and social life of a man, ideas about life without it and the experience of disconnection that was induced under the terms of one week experiment. The aim of the study is to outline what life without Facebook is like, point out possible advantages and disadvantages of it and describe what a person disconnected from social networking site can face both within him or herself and its social surroundings. This diploma thesis aims to contribute to understanding the importace of Facebook in our society as well as offer some paths to reflect its use. In the first theoretical part it offers a description of topics related to social networking sites from the media studies point of view. It briefly describes Facebook itself and the status of it in the Czech Republic. It also submits summary of studies clarifying the usage and non-usage of this social networking site. The second methodological part presents a description of the research which was conducted via experiment, accompanying interview and a short questionnaire. Based on a qualitative analysis of the...
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