Microstructure of a tribosphenic molar - comparative analysis

Doctoral thesis Czech RESTRICTED
ŠPOUTIL, František;
  • Subject: mineralizace; tribosfénický molár; odontogeneze; stoličky; mineralization; vývin; hmyzožravost; tribosphenic molar; amelogenesis; sklovina; insectivory; Myotis myotis; development; Mouse-eared bat; odontogenesis; back teeth; amelogeneze; enamel; Chiroptera; tooth; zub; netopýr velký
    mesheuropmc: stomatognathic diseases | stomatognathic system

The proposed thesis concerns in the study of tribosphenic molar, the key apomorphy of mammalian clade, mainly in structure and development of its enamel coat. As the main model species served us European vespertilionid bat Myotis myotis. The aims of this thesis are: (1)... View more
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