Mentally-Retarded Children of a Pre-School Age and the Development of Movement Skills

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Morávková, Šárka (2006)
  • Subject:
    mesheuropmc: education

The diploma work covers the issues of children with mental retardation in pre-school age aimed to the development of the movement abilities. It focuses on the relationships between the pre-school child with mental retardation and possibilities of developing its motor skills in context of an organized pre-school education. Theoretical part of the Diploma work indicates the development specifics of the indi- vidual due to mental retardation, describes mainly the movement development of the child with mental retardation, its specifics and possibilities of observation. It addresses the history and current stage of an organized pre-school care of children with mental re- tardation and within the issue, it points out the position of physical training / education within the educational process of the Kindergarten. Practical part proves on cases of children with mental retardation the uniqueness and typicality of development of such children. By the proposed possible motion activities and games for children with mental retardation attending Kindergarten, its aim is to em- phasize on the importance and ineligibility of intentional development of motor skills, and by that also of the whole personality of the child with mental retardation. KEY WORDS mental retardation, definition of mental retardation, pre-school...
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