Nurse as a support of long - term hospitalized senior

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
TUŠLOVÁ, Michaela (2017)
  • Subject: nursing; communication; opora; support; komunikace; a nurse; Dlouhodobá hospitalizace; sestra; a senior; senior; Long - term hospitalization; ošetřovatelství
    mesheuropmc: education

This thesis "Nurse as a support of long-term hospitalized senior" is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. It deals with the issue of long-term hospitalization of seniors at the aftercare department, especially with the nurses' support to seniors and their interrelationships. Three main goals were appointed. It was examined how the seniors perceive nurses who takes care of them. Then in which areas nurses are supportive and which techniques they try to use to be a support for seniors. Ten nurses working in aftercare department and five hospitalized seniors of aftercare department participated in this research. There were used methods such as a qualitative research, a method of questioning and a technology of semi - structured interviews. Collected information were analyzed and encoded, was used open encoding, pen and paper method. In the context of categorization, there six categories and ten subcategories were created. From the results of the thesis there is evident that nurses try to be a support. According to the research results, insufficiencies are evident. Most seniors perceive the nurses positively. In majority, gratitude toward nurses was perceived by seniors. Some seniors met with negative behavior, with devaluing addressing, even with conflict situation. Nurses support seniors in psychological aspects, take care of their basic needs, they also try to keep them self-sufficient. The results show, that most nurses acts with respect, try to ensure privacy and be helpful. Was created brief educational material. Then the material could be published in the form of a leaflet or as an article in the academic magazine. It could help nurses to find the proper attitude to seniors.
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