Spirituality in the Treatment of Drug Addictions

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
ZAHRADNÍKOVÁ, Kateřina (2015)
  • Subject: pastorace; smysl života; logoterapie; spiritualita; pastoral care; logotherapy; léčba drogových závislostí; drugs; drogy; spirituality; sense of life; treatment of drug addictions
    mesheuropmc: humanities

The thesis deals with the spirituality of a drug addiction therapy. The first chapter classifies drugs and characterizes drug addictions and their therapies. To clear up the context and point of view, the second chapter explains the meaning of spirituality in relation to its development. First, it intorduces the ancient spirituality, based on heatheninsmas, a meaning of Sanctity in relation to our ethnic origin. Further on, it pictures the Christian spirituality with its practical aspects. Next, the spirituality is viewed through psychology with the central idea of the sense of life. This part highlights diverse views of various authors which are put to one common context. Furthermore, the second chapter describes the connections between spirituality, drug addictions and therapeutic methods using spiritual aspects which appear to be useful in the therapy of drug addictions.
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