Mobility of academic staff from Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in years 2011- 2015

Master thesis Slovak RESTRICTED
Gregáňová, Nikola (2016)
  • Subject: benefits; mobility; Fakulta sociálnych vied; benefity; academics staff; akademickí pracovníci; bariéry; Faculty of Social Sciences; barriers; internationalisation; internacionalizácia; Charles university; Karlova Univerzita
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The main topic of this thesis is analysing of the mobility of academic staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences in period 2011- 2015. The main aim of thesis will be exploration of the mobility of academic staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, focuses on the individual academic degrees and different institutions inside of faculty. The first sub-objective will analyse the usability offered by the mobility of academic staff and their interest. As another sub-goal I chose the academic degree influence of individuals to participation on mobility and the comparison of individual institutes within the faculty, also comparison of personal and institutional barriers and benefits, related to the use of academic staff mobility at Faculty of Social Sciences. In this thesis I will work with the concept of internationalization and historical institutionalism. Part of the research will analyze the various components of the access to mobility, and overall statistics exits academics from institutes. These concepts explain the situation and possible changes, related to the mobility of academic staff at the faculty.
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