Mezinárodní kupní smlouva: uzavírání mezinárodní kupní smlouvy podle Videňské úmluvy OSN o smlouvách o mezinárodní koupi zboží

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Gavrilova, Iva (2013)
  • Subject: Bitva forem; Vídeňská úmluva; Battle of Forms; International Sales Contract; Mezinárodní kupní smlouva; CISG

The topic of this thesis is the international sales contract and its formation under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG or the Vienna Convention). The Vienna Convention is the most significant and widely used legal instrument governing the international sales contract. The aim of this thesis is to highlight interesting aspects of the contract, carry out a deeper analysis of the regulation contained in the Vienna Convention, and to point out and clarify problematic areas. The thesis is composed of two major parts, with the first part essential to the understanding of the second. The first part deals with the basic provisions of the Vienna Convention. It briefly describes its creation, then its sphere of application. Within this part the term "international sales contract" is defined and distinguished from its domestic counterpart and also from the contract for services. The term "goods" is discussed in the context of this regulation. It then deals with the consequences of freedom of contract, the issue of gaps in the regulation and their filling and the interpretation of the regulation. Finally it discusses the question of trade usages, when the CISG differentiates between the usages and practices established between the parties on the one hand and...
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