Causa Memetika

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Knedla, Dalibor (2011)
  • Subject: Meme; universální darwinismus; evolution; gene; genetics; psychology; Dawkins; culture; Mem; kultura; memetika; universal darwinism; psychologie; evoluce; memetics; gen; genetika

This bachelor thesis focuses on the controversial topic of memetics. Memetics is rather new science which links sociology, biology and psychology together. The central aim of memetics is to explain the cultural transfer, using the Darwinian concepts of evolution. The thesis is divided into three chapters. Each chapter deals with the different perspective of the memetic theory. The first chapter describes the theory itself and foundations of the theory, the second chapter describes problematic issues within the theory and finally, the third part describes the status of memetics on the scientific field. Keywords Memetics, meme, genetics, gene, Darwin, universal darwinism, Dawkins, culture, evolution
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