Sociologie tance. Rozdílnosti publika klasické a alternativní taneční scény

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Zilvarová, Daniela (2008)

Sociology of dance is one of the young and marginal disciplines of sociology. The reason is that its topic - dance - hasn't been a subject of any scientifical attention yet. Systematic research has developed since 1980s mainly in Great Britain, where Helen Thomas is considered to be the greatest authority in the field of sociology of dance. Because of only recent development of this science, there are many topics that haven't been explored yet. Such is the case of dance audience, which makes an important part of theatrical dance. The topic of my thesis is therefore the research of dance audience. I would like to compare spectators of two different types of theatrical dance - ballet and contemporary dance. For the research I have chosen the most important dance theaters which represent both dance types - the National Theatre for ballet and the Ponec Theatre as a scene for contemporary dance. The easiest, cheapest and most effective method of collecting data was to use a questionnaire, which was distributed to everyone who entered the theatre. Finally I had the opportunity to analyze data from 737 respondents.
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