Muzejní marketing: komunikační aktivity Victoria and Albert Museum v Londýně v akademickém roce 2011/2012

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Freitagová, Martina (2013)
  • Subject: umění; Museum marketing; Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A); muzeum; marketingová komunikace; communication activities; komunikační aktivity; marketing communication; art; Muzejní marketing; museum

After an extensive museum boom in the 1980s and 1990s marked by the construction of numerous new museums, there is now a growing debate about selling museum items and even a complete closure of some institutions. Also the function attributed to art in the museum context has changed the purpose of these institutions in society. Museums turned into socializing platforms and their collections became subjects of universal conversations. Their role has been fully reoriented towards serving the public. The chronic lack of finances together with the changing nature and purpose of museums have raised the need to be more economical and underscored the importance of a professional marketing communication based above all on an understanding of the public. My paper analyses the marketing activities of Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which has been one of the first to consider the public as a key factor in shaping the museum's role. The analysis of communication activities derives from the examination of the place and museum building, the finances and the study of the target audience. I have focused on the development and usage of the museum's brand, print and outdoor advertising as well as below-the-line activities with a special attention to the online communication. The aim of my bachelor thesis...
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