Energetická politika Evropské unie - jaderná energie, ano či ne?

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Chalupská, Barbora (2010)

The theme of this thesis is the EU energy policy with emphasis on nuclear energy. The goal is primarily to introduce an energy policy, its priorities and the current situation, because this issue is important for the European Union status and high priority for the future. There are also introduced different sources of energy - fossil fuels, renewable sources and nuclear energy, which is described in detail. Evaluation of safety of nuclear energy, its advantages and disadvantages and opinion of important positions of the European Union to this source of energy or environmental impact is a basis for finding answers to the question that follows from the title of the paper. Nuclear energy can be considered reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy. Fear of nuclear accidents is nowadays already unfounded and if there are respected all safety measures and controlled both equipment and human factors, the risk of accidents in nuclear power plant is minimal and nuclear energy can find more supporters. Nuclear energy can help the EU solve many problems in the energy field, whether it be environmental protection, energy security and reducing dependence on energy imports.
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