The Phenomenon of Youtubers and their Utilisation in Marketing

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Tauchenová, Kateřina (2014)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: influencer marketing; marketingová kampaň; YouTube; online marketing; sociální sítě; social networks; marketing campaign
    acm: GeneralLiterature_MISCELLANEOUS

This master´s thesis is called The Phenomenon of Youtubers and their Utilisation in Marketing. It presents Youtubers as idols of today´s young people and introduces options of utilization of their power for marketing purposes. The first chapter introduces the reader to the general matters of online marketing and offers basic knowledge about this area. The second chapter is dedicated to social networks and their utilisation in marketing field. The third chapter introduces the topic YouTube. It explains the term Youtuber and presents the types of videos mostly published by them. The last chapter is dedicated to the concrete examples of marketing activities which were realised within the Czech market. The main part of this chapter is three case studies which analyse three concrete marketing campaigns realised in cooperation with Youtubers. The goal of this thesis is to offer an integrated overview of the phenomenon of Youtubers and the mechanism of their commercial cooperation with brands and also to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns involving Youtubers in comparison with campaigns which use the traditional online marketing tools.
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