Substitution of Phenolic Components by Steam-Exploded Lignin in Plywood and Self-Binding Boards with Account of Energy Vecessary for Steam Explosion Treatment

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Grāvītis, J; Abolins, J; Tapciauskas, R; Vēveris, A; Alksnis, B;
  • Publisher: RTU
  • Subject: steam explosion (SE) | fibreboard | SE lignin | SE energy evaluation | plywood
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | complex mixtures | technology, industry, and agriculture

By using lignin extracted from steam-exploded wood as adhesive in plywood and hot-pressed fibreboards to substitute phenol-formaldehyde resins is reported. Mixtures of commercial phenol-formaldehyde resins containing 10 % lignin by weight tested as plywood binders under... View more
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