GL systems and services in the specific fields of vocational training and labour policies in Italy: The ISFOL case

Conference object English OPEN
Pitoni, Isabella (ISFOL) ; Macri, Diana (ISFOL) ; GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service (2003)
  • Publisher: Amsterdam : TextRelease, 2004
  • Subject: 05B - Information science, librarianship | ISFOL | Vocational training | Labour policies | Italy | Information management policies

The consciousness of the central role that issuing organisations have in the production, distribution and management of their grey literature is the theoretical context for this paper. The paper focuses a particular kind of GL system settled by an Italian public research institute primary involved in vocational training and labour policies, in the framework of the UE strategies for European Social Fund. Within this context, it aims to present the GL systems and services that ISFOL makes available through its Specialised Documentation Centre (SDC) in tight co-operation and collaboration with the European Union and the Italian Ministry of labour and social policies. We focus on how ISFOL GL policy is changing on one side thanks to the development of communication and information technology and on the other side following European Union policies for public access to documents and for the development of the e-Europe and the e-government. Grey literature produced by ISFOL and the SDC, often in co-operation with the Italian Ministry of labour and social policies, is analysed. At the same time a description of the system of related websites where all ISFOL grey literature is made available online is carried out, to show how new technologies and policies influence the Institute's strategies for making GL available for researchers and operators. In conclusion, suggestions and contributions are made to create a roadmap of an integrated GL system involving organisations operating in the field of vocational training and labour policies. Includes: Conference preprint, Powerpoint presentation, Abstract and Biographical notes, Pratt student commentary XA International
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