Defining grey literature for the 21st Century

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McDermott, Judy C. (LC) ; GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service (1996)
  • Publisher: Amsterdam : GreyNet, 1996
  • Subject: 05B - Information science, librarianship | Publishing | Electronic dissemination

The subtitle of the present conference is "Grey Exploitations in the 21st Century". As we approach the 21st century, we find a greatly increased interest in what has been termed "grey literature", and a concurrent explosion in the creation of information which can be termed "grey". In their attempts to identify, acquire, control, and provide access to that category of print literature defined as "grey", authors, researchers and information managers have become more and more reliant upon the techniques made available through electronic communication and networking. These techniques themselves have generated yet more information, now in electronic rather than print format, which can be termed "grey", or which will become the next generation's grey literature, if electronic information itself is not controlled and archived. At the same time, mainstream publishing is also exploiting electronic dissemination of its products, adding more and more information to an uncontrolled electronic network, which exists simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. This same network also becomes a user-friendly depository for the results of alternative publishing, and electronic techniques put the ability to publish in more and more hands. For the 21st century, our task will be geared as much toward rationally exploiting the grey information which is all around us, as it is toward identifying and making accessible the more more traditional types of grey literature. Includes: Conference preprint, Pratt student commentary XA International
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