Floral scent composition predicts bee pollination system in five butterfly bush (Buddleja, Scrophulariaceae) species.

Article OPEN
Gong, W-C; Chen, G; Vereecken, Nicolas; Dunn, B L; Ma, Y-P; Sun, W-B;
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1111/plb.12176
  • Subject: Sciences exactes et naturelles | Bee pollination | Breeding system | Butterfly bush | Floral scent | Plant-pollinator interaction | Sino-Himalayan region | Species-specific

Traditionally, plant-pollinator interactions have been interpreted as pollination syndrome. However, the validity of pollination syndrome has been widely doubted in modern studies of pollination ecology. The pollination ecology of five Asian Buddleja species, B. asiatic... View more
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