National Recommendations for Physical Activity and Physical Activity Promotion

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Rütten, Alfred; Pfeifer, Klaus; Banzer, Winfried; Ferrari, Nina; Füzéki, Eszter; Geidl, Wolfgang; Graf, Christine; Hartung, Verena; Klamroth, Sarah; Völker, Klaus; Vogt, Lutz; Abu-Omar, Karim; Burlacu, Ionuţ; Gediga, Günther; Messing, Sven; Ungerer-Röhrich, Ulrike;
  • Subject: Körperliche Aktivität | Sport | Förderung | Bewegungserziehung | Kind | Erwachsener | Department Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
    • ddc: ddc:158

Always and at any age, regular physical activity can act as a powerful elixir with a beneficial effect on health and well-being. The wide variety of health effects that physical activity can have, for example on our cardiovascular system, back and joints, is scientifica... View more
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