Ligand Influences on Properties of Uranium Coordination Complexes - Structure, Reactivity, and Spectroscopy

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Kosog, Boris;
  • Subject: Uran | Komplexe | Koordinationslehre | Spektroskopie | Reaktivität | Molekülstruktur | DFT | Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät -ohne weitere Spezifikation-
    • ddc: ddc:540

In this thesis several different aspects of uranium chemistry are presented. It was shown that terminal uranium(V) oxo and imido complexes [((RArO)3tacn)UV(O)] and [((RArO)3tacn)UV(NSiMe3)] (R = t Bu, Ad) can be oxidized by silver(I) hexafluoro-antimonate to the uranium... View more
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