Diacronía y miradas cruzadas en torno a las representaciones de lo masculino en la pornografía gay entre 1980 y 2015

Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Haderbache Bernárdez, Ahmed (2016)
  • Subject: Homosexualitat | Pornografia

Gay porn is one of the gay masculine foundation. Gays take on their porn consumption as specialists or as simple spectators. Actors like Aiden Shaw, Francois Sagat, Martín Mazza or more recently Colby Keller -the sex worker and anthropologist- have become authentic myths. A part of the gay magazines (e.g. Advocate, Têtu or Shangay) are dedicated to that kind of innovation. However, talking about gay porn leads us to think of how the society has evolved and of the changes the LGBTQ have gone through. For that matter, we can also observe the model of gay men that appeared these last three decades. Our work will focus on those aspects.
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