Prokaryote metabolism activity

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Biederman, Lori (2017)

<p>I wrote this activity to emphasize that prokaryotic organisms can carry out 6 different types of metabolisms (as presented in Freeman’s Biological Science textbook) and this contrasts to eukaryotes, which can only use 2 metabolism pathways (photoautotroph and heterotroph).  </p> <p> </p> <p>For in class materials I remove the  red box (upper right corner) and print slides 3-10, place them back-to-back and laminate them.  The students get a key (slide 2) and a two-sided organism sheet.  They are instructed to answer the questions based on the info provided.</p> <p> </p> <p>After class the slides (with the red box restored) are provided on-line as a pdf so they can use to prepare for the exam.  Exam questions are taken from sheets: for example, the students may be given the picture and notes about Thaumarchaeota and asked “This organism would be considered a….  (a) prokaryote (b) eukaryote (c) fungi (d) chordate”  </p> <p>If you have questions or improvements to this activity please email me  </p> <p>Lori Biederman</p> <p>Iowa State University</p> <p></p>
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