Robust motion correction and outlier rejection of in vivo functional MR images of the fetal brain and placenta during maternal hyperoxia

Other literature type English OPEN
You, Wonsang ; Serag, Ahmed ; Evangelou, Iordanis E. ; Andescavage, Nickie ; Limperopoulos, Catherine (2017)

Subject motion is a major challenge in functional magnetic resonance imaging studies (fMRI) of the fetal brain and placenta during maternal hyperoxia. We propose a motion correction and volume outlier rejection method for the correction of severe motion artifacts in both fetal brain and placenta. The method is optimized to the experimental design by processing different phases of acquisition separately. It also automatically excludes high-motion volumes and all the missing data are regressed from ROI-averaged signals. The results demonstrate that the proposed method is effective in enhancing motion correction in fetal fMRI without large data loss, compared to traditional motion correction methods.
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