publication . Doctoral thesis . 2007

Na, K-ATPase as signaling transducer

  • Published: 27 Nov 2007
  • Country: Sweden
It is now generally agreed that Na,K-ATPase (NKA), in addition to its role in the maintenance of Na+ and K+ gradients across the cell membrane, is a signal transducer. Our group has identified a novel signaling pathway where NKA interact with IP3R to form a signaling microdomain. Ouabain, a specific ligand of NKA, activates this pathway, triggers slow Ca2+ oscillations and activates NF-κB. In current study, the molecular mechanisms and some important downstream effects of NKA signaling are demonstrated. The critical binding motifs in NKA/IP3R signaling microdomain and the role of ankyrin B (Ank- B) were demonstrated. N-terminal tail of the NKA α-subunit (αNT-t) ...
Medical Subject Headings: respiratory system
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